10 Scariest Found Footage Horror Movies

Never before has a shaky camera been so terrifying!

Grave Encounters
West Wing Studios

When thinking of the horror subgenre of found footage, it's safe to say that many cinema-goers have some rather lacklustre thoughts swirling around their heads. Shaky cam? No, thank you. Long, drawn-out sequences with barely anything happening? Please don't. Strong character development? You're kidding, right?

There is no denying that the format of found footage has a strong reputation for being lazy, unoriginal and cheap. But people who think that way are missing out on a treasure trove of horror.

The subgenre has a lot of unique selling points that other horror properties cannot dream of, which is what has led to its oversaturation in cinema. Still, in the boatload of flicks from the format, plenty went above and beyond to give you an exceptionally scary experience that you'll be watching from behind a pillow.

The following ten films are some of the absolute scariest in the horror market, giving the medium of found footage a great name and proving that not all of them are lazy and uninspired. Whether you love the subgenre or loathe it, it's safe to say you need to give these movies a chance.

10. The Poughkeepsie Tapes

Grave Encounters

While very outlandish, this movie quickly taps into something that makes the found footage genre stand out, and that's realism. Even when going overboard, it can be hard to separate fiction from reality in these flicks, which is what makes this true crime-esque monstrosity of a title so terrifying.

The film takes the form of a documentary following a collection of murder investigators as they discover hundreds of tapes detailing the actions of a terrifying serial killer. You watch as he performs horrifying deeds and the police attempt to track him down.

While the movie can let itself down at times thanks to its reliance on melodrama and tragically uneven performances from the actors, it does frighten the hell out of you with its sheer creativity.

The killer's acts are utterly despicable, posing some of the most diabolical images you'll ever see in cinema. Plus, the distinct focus on the psychological damage inflicted on the victims reflects the real-life horror of Stockholm syndrome and trauma.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes is unflinching, vile, violent and soul-crushing. So, be careful who you watch it with because it's not for the faint of heart.


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