10 Scariest Horror Movie Clowns

No clowning around: these entertainers are terrifying.

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Conjuring up terrifying villains is half the battle of making a good horror movie, and it's true that original monsters are like the delicious cherries on top of horror's own somewhat questionable cakes. However, whilst something completely unique is certain to get a few scares, toying with our sense of reality by using a known quantity and then transforming it into something horrifying leaves a far more traumatising impression.

And what's consistently been the best representation of that for years on end? Clowns. Motherf*cking clowns.

Quite why these children's party menaces have persevered this long in the real world remains a mystery, since they've proven time and time again to be some of the most potent nightmare fuel you can throw on the fear fire, but their application into horror is one of the most successful tropes out there. As Pennywise's most recent return to infamy has proven, we definitely haven't had our fill of watching Ronald MacDonald tear families apart in the most literal sense possible.

There's a strange appeal to watching what should be all smiles and balloon animals being pulled out of mystery pockets getting turned into knife wielding mania. So let's celebrate some of the very best of the business. Send in the clowns...

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