10 Scariest Horror Movie Endings Of All Time

It's not the journey that matters, but the Final Destination...

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In the grand scheme of scary movies, it's the final scene of a horror that is universally hailed as the most important. Whilst a film might spend most of its time trying to scare the pants off of you with various tricks and treats, it's the ending that demands they actually get shot off with the most intensely terrifying image possible. Otherwise, what's the point?

Just like the cherry on top of the strawberry sundae, you've got to save the best for last if you want an especially effective horror movie. Where many movies splutter out into a happy ending or a half baked jump scare, the very best finishers are the ones designed to stick around long after watching to come back and haunt you in the most delicious of ways.

From supernatural seances, to hallucinatory hideaways, to catastrophic killings, here's a short-list of some of the very best finales that will have you hiding behind the sofa cushions. After all, f*ck the journey - it's the destination that counts in the end.

10. Krampus

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It's not often that a Christmas horror movie can be described as being... actually good. But Krampus is one of the few that rises from the depths of the hole that contains atrocities like Silent Night, Deadly Night, Santa Claws, and Treevenge to offer up a remarkably chilling yuletide experience. Get it? Chilling? Because it's cold in wint- Never mind.

Krampus's ending stands up to the batsh*t standard of the rest of the movie then, revealing a monstrous, demonic, Christmas-time demon intent on punishing a young boy and his family for the rest of eternity. After battling it out against killer elves and perverted apparitions of classic Christmas entities, young Max is given the option to leave his family behind and learn from losing his Christmas spirit - or to be condemned to hell with the ungrateful lot instead.

Max unwittingly chooses the latter, awakening the next morning to the perfect Christmas before realising he and his family are bound to a snowglobe under the watchful eye of Krampus forever more. Reliving Christmas every day with all your relatives trapped in one house is a pretty gnarly punishment, even by horror movie standards...

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