10 Scariest Horror Movie Twins

Things are scarier in pairs - most terrifying horror movie twins from The Shining to House of Wax.

The Shining
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Horror movies with twins tend to fall into one of a few specific categories that make the most of their unique storytelling characteristics.

Often one twin is portrayed as inherently good and the other one as evil, leading to mistaken identities and stories of betrayal and revenge. Sometimes they even return from beyond the grave to exact their vengeance!

Twins are also frequently seen as being dangerously co-dependent, leading to violent mental breakdowns which spell trouble for the characters who get between them.

Arguably the most terrifying twin stories come from those characters who have developed telepathic or sometimes telekinetic abilities though, with directors presenting them more like supervillains.

Twins are so popular in horror as their similarities make us feel uneasy and suspicious that they are out to deceive us. They're also often used to deliver some brilliant and horrifying twists, but which movies did this trope best?

Let’s look at some of the scariest twins in horror movies and see what makes them so terrifying (warning – spoilers ahead!).

10. Bo And Vincent Sinclair - House Of Wax (2005)

The Shining
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The House of Wax remake has been criticised as being a below-average horror film, but there is no denying that the story of the Sinclair twins is pretty disturbing.

Twins Bo and Vincent are introduced at the start of the film as children in 1974, with one of them nicely eating his breakfast and the other having a violent tantrum and having to be strapped to his chair. We never see their faces, so it is left to the viewer to assume that the normal-looking twin must be the better-behaved one.

Throughout the film, we find out that they were initially conjoined twins who were separated, and the twist is that the disfigured, hidden Vincent is actually the good twin who just wanted to make wax models. It's the handsome Bo who is the ‘evil’ twin who started murdering people to make mannequins from his still-breathing victims.

It is indeed a horrifying fate to comprehend - and that's before you even reach the infamous 'skin-peeling' scene.

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