10 Scariest Mothers In Horror Movie History

9. Other Mother - Coraline

Focus Features

A dark fantasy movie that brings horror to animation, Coraline is the type of genre movie that strikes fear into the hearts of children the world over - and a great handful of adults, too. And that's largely thanks to the sinister trappings of Other Mother, a strange, parallel version of Coraline's own mother that attempts to convince the young girl to stay and live with her in a world of her own creation.

Other Mother's most alarming features are the pair of buttons that replace her eyes - the deal with Coraline going that if she wants to stay in her colourful created world and enjoy the extra attention she doesn't get from her real family, she has to replace her own eyes with buttons too. Bit much, but okay.

With such strange demands as plucking out ones own eyes to accessorise the holes like an old coat, it comes as no surprise that Other Mother is actually some massive, terrifying demonic creature - one that disguises herself to consume the lives and trap the souls of her prey.

Well, sh*t, sometimes the grass isn't greener, it's just astroturf on a pit of quick sand.


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