10 Scariest Movie Moments Of 2018

Never forget Annihilation's bear scene.


2018 has been one hell of a year for horror movies - as evidenced by our list of critically adored offerings from this past year - and while the genre absolutely isn't for everyone, there's no other type of movie which can prise quite such a distinctly primal, visceral response from audiences.

Fear is, of course, our lizard brain telling us to set up defences and get ready for a fight, and even when sat in the comfortable safety of a cinema, these 10 scenes managed to get the palms sweating, the heart working overtime and the panic setting in.

Needless to say, nobody would blame you if you felt like pausing each movie after these scenes and having a long smoke break before finishing them off.

10. Laurie Hunts Michael - Halloween

Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis Judy Greer

There are numerous blisteringly intense set-pieces in the recent Halloween reboot, but nothing raised the pulse quite like the climactic showdown between Michael Myers and his PTSD-addled legacy victim Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis).

The high-point is unquestionably the gut-wrenching sequence in which Laurie methodically sweeps through her house room-by-room, well aware that Michael is lying in wait...somewhere.

David Gordon Green milks unbearable amounts of suspense and anxiety from the lengthy scene, which of course culminates in Michael emerging from the shadows and throwing Laurie over a balcony. This allows her to escape and give fans a crowd-pleasing spin on the iconic lawn scene from the original 1978 movie.

Given how thoroughly invested in the outcome audiences were, this was terrifically wrought with a spine-tingling pay-off in the bargain.

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