10 Scariest Movies Made By Disney

Murder, dark spells, ghosts, jump know, for kids!

Walt Disney Animated Studios

Make no mistake, Disney movies aren’t all just cute animals and delightful ditties. They may be posed as children’s films but in reality, there are some utterly terrifying moments to found within them that you’d never get from regular horror movies.

The chances are, there was probably at least one kids film of theirs which terrified you as a child, and still freaks you out a little bit, even as a grown adult.

However, it’s admirable that the company doesn’t sugar-coat their films in order to appeal to just one demographic – the moments we found scary as children can now be appreciated from an adult perspective.

The man himself Walt Disney always stressed the importance of good storytelling which is why many of the pictures produced under Walt’s guidance didn’t hold back when it came to dark themes and haunting imagery. Even after he passed in 1967, the production company of Disney have always carried on his rule of making a good story, even if it means verging into more frightening territory.

Here are the films which may or may not have traumatised your childhood.

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