10 Scariest Opening Horror Movie Scenes Ever

9. Ghost Ship

28 Weeks Later
Warner Bros.

Whilst not necessarily worth it after the opening scene, Ghost Ship will at least give you a good ride for the first five minutes, functioning as a campy introduction to a mediocre movie. If you’re squeamish, this maybe isn’t the one for you.

Ghost Ship opens to a sultry Italian song performed to a ship of cruise passengers, idly dancing away and generally having a lovely old time. With pink cursive credits gracing the screen and a young girl dancing with the ship’s captain in a mushy display of family friendliness, it isn’t long until the film decides to f*ck that, and slices everyone in half with a rogue metal wire set loose by a mysterious saboteur.

It comes quite out of nowhere, with even the passengers themselves taking a moment to be shocked before their torsos slither apart and they spend their dying breaths clutching their separated body parts. It’s scary in the same way as Final Destination, utilising freak accidents to make something that is fine to laugh at until you realise that it could, in a very unlikely, but still plausible scenario, actually happen. Then you just laugh so you don’t cry instead.


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