10 Scariest Zombie Transformations In Movies

Zombies of all kinds are scary, but these ten take the undead cake.

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Zombies - freaky little sausages, aren't they?

The clammy skin, the rotting flesh, the insatiable appetite for human brains. This is a potent combo; one that has been terrifying movie goers for decades now.

A key part of any zombie-related story is the way a healthy individual turns into part of the undead horde. The classic zombie transformation sequence is known around the world - the victim dies, then they twitch around for a bit, before their pale white eyes re-open to begin their chomping spree.

It's a battle-tested formula, but some do it better than others. These ten do it much better than others, to be precise.

We've collated the following scenes based on the fright factor of the actual turn itself, as well as the situation surrounding it. A straightforward zombie conversion can be elevated by when, where, and how it happens. Context is everything.

Just try putting yourself in the scenarios we're about to outline and imagine how you'd feel. That's always a pretty good barometer of how effective a film scene is.

Although, if you are of a nervous disposition, maybe that technique isn't advisable...

10. Luis - Dawn Of The Dead

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Imagine living next door to people with really annoying children.

They scream all day, they always make a mess in your yard, they sneak over in the early hours of the morning and turn your husband into a zombie.

Wait, what was that last one?

Zack Snyder's 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead opens with couple Ana and Luis out on a date. The next morning, Luis is woken up by Vivian, a local kid. Except instead of asking for her ball back or trying to sell them lemonade, Vivian attacks Luis and bites him.

This isn't because Vivian is a little brat (although she might have been, we don't know), it's because she's been turned into a zombie.

Not only does Ana have to deal with the reanimated rugrat outside her door, but she also has to escape her own husband, who is turned by his bite.

The whole scene happens so quickly, that it's hard to take in the real terror of it. Not only must Ana come to terms with the reality of zombies, but the two she is facing down are a small girl and the man she loves.

Talk about a bad start to the weekend.


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