10 Sci-Fi Horror Movie Fates Worse Than Death

From Event Horizon to Slither, these sci-fi fates are worse than death.

Slither Movie
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Science fiction is such an elite genre because the possibilities within it are literally endless. You are not bound by the rules of earth and known science, not by humanity or the constraints of the average person's physicality. There is scope for a million new aliens and planets to be created, new diseases and cures and weird inter-dimensional dramas. Sci-fi really is the genre of those who want to push their imaginations to the limits.

Horror intersects so well with sci-fi because it can always offer us something new. We can get bored of serial killers and haunted dolls, shadowy figures and mysterious past secrets. Luckily, if all earthly horrors fail us then sci-fi horror has something completely out of the box to offer: whether that's a melting man or a body-hopping assassin or anything in between.

In a way, we're incredibly lucky that none of this sci-fi mumbo jumbo is real, because life itself would be infinitely more horrifying if it were. Filmmakers really work hard to come up with the most unimaginably horrible punishments for characters in their sci-fi universes, and here we're going to take a list of a few of the worst fates offered up to us.

10. Possessor - Colin And Vos' Warped Sense Of Self

Slither Movie
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In a way it’s hard to choose which fate in this film is worse: assassin protagonist Vos or possessee Colin. Sure, one ends with death whereas the other doesn’t but, as this list has proved so far, sometimes death really isn’t the worst option.

Vos is an assassin who carries out her hits by having her consciousness implanted into another person’s body, only to return to her own once she forces her host body to commit suicide. Despite her struggles with separating her life from her work and maintaining attachments to people in her life, she presses on with work. She takes on a job to assassinate a major CEO and his daughter by possessing the daughter’s fiancé, Colin.

Thing is, when she’s completed this job she can’t actually force Colin to kill himself and begins losing control. Essentially her consciousness is trapped in his body, and all the while he is aware that someone is in his head and trying to kill him. Pretty rough on both of them, right?

It would be a terrible way to live, having someone living in your head constantly trying to kill you, and being haunted and disorientated by their memories infecting your brain. Furthermore to be aware that you killed your fiancé and her father but no idea why you did so, and no power to change it.

Eventually Colin dies, allowing Vos’ consciousness back into her own body- but this poses another fate. Before Colin dies he actually kills Vos' only family: her son and her husband. The thing is that she, in a way, is ok with this happening. She knows they were the only things linking her to a normal life and so to be rid of them is to be able to fully immerse herself in her work, and that's what she does.

It seems a particularly sad existence to get to the point where you almost voluntarily rid yourself of all humanity, allowing your child and spouse to be killed so you can continue going about your body-hopping business. For a career you're trapped inside other people's heads with only one way out, and once you're out you truly have nothing else waiting for you.

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