10 Sci-Fi Movie Deaths That No One Saw Coming

The greatest out-of-nowhere offings that the genre has ever had to offer...


There’s nothing quite like a shocking death to truly up the ante of a sci-fi film.

Whether it’s a relatively family friendly blockbuster that has eschewed explicit gore until this pivotal moment or a gory sci-fi horror hybrid which intends to set up its stakes in the most brutally clear manner imaginable, a sci-fi movie can seriously up its tension by pulling off an unexpected death scene.

Few viewers going to see Ridley Scott’s classic Alien in 1979 expected that the film’s biggest star John Hurt would be dead meat within the first hour of the film, nor how gruesome his unexpected demise would be. Meanwhile, anyone watching 2017’s Life probably didn’t expect to see…

Well, that one is a little more recent, so let’s avoid adding any extra spoilers to an article that is already listing shocking deaths.

From the otherwise demure genre films which threw in one shockingly explicit demise to the grittiest entries that sci-fi has to offer, here’s our rundown of the most unexpected and brutal deaths that sci-fi genre has ever pulled off. You didn't see these coming!


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