10 Sci-Fi Movie Deaths That Pissed Off Fans

Excessively violent endings for beloved sci-fi characters taken too soon...

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Death has a funny habit of eliciting a very much raw and unfiltered response from those who have fully committed themselves to investing in a fictional (or non-fictional, for that matter) character on the big screen, only to see said personality bite the dust in often tragic circumstances.

But, for the most part, these dramatic endings, whilst painful, tend to feel somewhat justified if a demise helps spur on another character to save the day or adds suitable and appropriate emotional weight and stakes to whatever feature it is a part of.

Sadly, though, this isn't always the case. And particularly in the world of science fiction, moviemakers have a not so desirable habit of butchering, dispatching, or massacring the many faces occupying these fantasy worlds in a way that leaves their passionate fans frothing at their mouth or needing a moment alone in a dark room shortly after the film reaches its conclusion.

From the horrifically excessive big screen devouring of an employee to an iconic master going out on a rather limp note, this bunch of sacrifices, killings, and murders left audiences reaching for their laser pitchforks.

10. Zara Young - Jurassic World

zod superman

Though not exactly in the same league as some of the other more beloved characters on this list in terms of how invested fans were in their overall cinematic arc, Jurassic World's Zara Young still made a big enough impression on those watching to elicit a generally stunned reaction to her eventual grim ending in that 2015 picture.

Sure, Katie McGrath's character didn't exactly endear herself to those watching on with her overall lack of enthusiasm towards everything from the park itself to looking after Zach and Gray, but did she really deserve what eventually came her way?

With a whole host of flying dinos unleashed onto the rebooted park, Young is fought over by a bunch of Pteranodons before being plucked out of the sky by a leaping Mosasaurus. The look of horror on the brothers' faces was shared by all watching on in cinemas, with many feeling that the drawn out and pointlessly brutal first female human character death in the entire franchise was a huge misstep in an otherwise crowd-pleasing venture.


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