10 Sci-Fi Movie Endings No One Understands

9. Coherence - What Will Em Do Next?

Beyond The Black Rainbow
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Okay, enough of these complex films which no one could untangle even with the requisite physics and philosophy qualifications as they are “intended to be” ambiguous. Let’s get to a movie whose complex plot can technically be followed but which, like 2008’s Triangle and 2004’s Primer, requires numerous spreadsheets to successfully unknot.

2013’s underrated Coherence follows a group of friends at a dinner party who are besieged by odd occurrences, only to discover (major spoilers follow) that they are accidentally able to walk into an alternate, simultaneously occurring reality alongside their own.

By the time the film’s surreal ending rolls around you may well be lost, as the friends have encountered and clashed with so many versions of themselves that it’s impossible to remember which reality the film has settled in. Not only is the cause of this temporal anomaly never explained beyond one mention of a passing comet, our heroine is now stuck with a group of people who have no idea about the merging multiverse realities.

So, good luck explaining whatever mindf*** viewers just witnessed to these versions of your friends, Em.


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