10 Sci-Fi Movie Fates Worse Than Death

If any of these happened to you, odds are you'd wish you were dead...

The Fly
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The terrible things that happened to the characters on this list are some of the worst fates a character could ever undergo, and more than a few of them begged for death. Sadly, they don't tend to get it, and instead, they must live in the terror that are these fates worse than death.

10. Learning The Truth At The Worst Possible Time - They Live

The Fly
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John Carpenter's 1988 classic, They Live, is one of the strangest science-fiction movies ever made, but it is also one of the best. The movie follows a drifter named "Nada" after he arrives in Los Angeles. Through the course of his looking for work and being around other drifters, he stumbles upon something strange.

A group of people believing that the world is being enslaved in a dream-like state has created special sunglasses. When Nada puts them on, the world is completely different, and in black and white. When he looks at advertisements, instead of pictures, they simply say "Obey" or "Conform."

Money has the words "This is your God" written on it, and some people... well, they aren't people. They're aliens. Using the glasses, he can see the world as it truly is, and it's clear the aliens are broadcasting a signal keeping the population oppressed, so he sets out to destroy it.

When he does, there is a montage of scenes showing the aliens, now in color, and completely exposed. The populace begins to freak out at what they see, and at the very end of the movie, a couple having sex is interrupted when the woman looks down to see an alien beneath her, asking, "What's wrong, baby?" Being her. At that moment. That's a fate worse than death.

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