10 Sci-Fi Movie Ideas Too Good To Fail (That Did It Anyway)

Two sci-fi legends in one fight to the death? Sounds PERFECT...

20th Century Fox

Sometimes a film has such a great premise that it seems as if it will be able to overcome any number of potential problems. This is particularly true of sci-fi flicks, since the genre has directors as diverse as George Lucas, John Carpenter, and Shane Carruth overcome limited budgets and timescales to deliver firecracker debuts which, whilst small in the scope of their world building, nonetheless managed to hint at the promise these filmmakers had in store.

In each of the above cases, THX 1138, Dark Star, and Primer were all bolstered by killer premises which seemed bulletproof even in the face of a limited budget. The lack of big money added to THX 1138’s claustrophobic feel, made Dark Star’s 2001 parody look appropriately corny, and ensured Primer felt as small scale and intimate as its stripped back story.

However, not every sci-fi filmmaker has managed to turn a great idea into a phenomenal flick. Despite, and in some cases because of, the backing of huge studios, these ambitious sci-fi flicks took genius ideas and turned them into middle of the road, subpar, and in a few cases downright atrocious movies. With that in mind, let’s look at the science fiction efforts which took an idea too perfect to fail, and still managed to fumble it.


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