10 Sci-Fi Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed Before

Blank newspapers! Self-drying clothes! Magic mouthpieces! England in South Africa!

Screen Gems

Sometimes a mistake or two manages to slip by even the most careful filmmakers.

Directors are busy people, so it’s understandable that most productions let a goof or two escape their grasp during the complex process of creating a feature film. Regardless of the movie's scope and the crew's size, nearly every film will end up with at least a few mistakes that canny viewers are able to single out upon a re-watch.

That said, of all genres sci-fi films really can’t afford too many missteps.

A famously ambitious genre whose entire premise requires world building, faraway galaxies, and alternate realities, the slightest slip up in a sci-fi film can derail the film’s attempt to create a believable world for its action.

Despite this, there are countless examples of classic sci-fi films that let a few mistakes escape their grasp on the way to the silver screen. Call it a lack of oversight, a slip up in the editing suite, or just a hilarious goof that everyone missed out on in post-production.

Whatever the cause, this list is here to run down the oddest oversights and most unexpected mistakes that you never noticed in big budget sci-fi films.


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