10 Sci-Fi Movie Rip-Offs You Won't Believe Exist

9. Inseminoid

Nukie ET the Extra-Terrestrial
Butcher's Film Service

In the very least, Inseminoid has the most eye-catching title on this list, and compared to something like Star Odyssey it actually looks like a real movie.

A blatant knock-off of Alien, Inseminoid follows a team of archaeologists and scientists examining the ruins of a distant planet when one of the group, Sandy (Judy Geeson), is impregnated by an alien creature and starts murdering and devouring her colleagues as a result.

If you're still not convinced, the archaeology project is even called "The Xeno Project" - as in Xenomorph, get it?

Released less than two years after Alien on a budget of £1 million - a fraction of Alien's $11 million price tag - Inseminoid gets points for its decent cinematography, solid performances, and amusing sleaziness, even if on the spectacle front its effects and sets fall down hard compared to Ridley Scott's masterpiece.

Up until his recent death, director Norman J. Warren maintained that Inseminoid wasn't an Alien rip-off, yet the striking conceptual, stylistic, and narrative similarities speak for themselves.

It's certainly not as shameless or lousily crafted as many of the entries on this list, but one suspects Warren and company knew exactly what they were doing here.


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