10 Sci-Fi Movies That Almost Had Way Better Endings


Alien Ending
Columbia Pictures

A lot of fans argued that 1997’s original Men In Black didn’t need a sequel and that any attempt to follow up the surprise hit would rely too much on the magic chemistry between its leads and as such lapse into a predictable rerun of the first flick. And lo and behold, they were proven right with 2002’s maligned sequel MIB II, which essentially only existed to re-tread the original film’s beats without any of the first film’s charm.

However, the film’s original ending could almost have matched the first flick’s genius coda had the filmmakers just had the guts to stick with their guns. Where the first flick ended with the trippy reveal that earth itself is merely a universe within a solar system within a galaxy which itself existed inside a random alien’s marbles, the second film originally had an ending almost as bizarre and surreal.

MIB II’s ending, available to view on YouTube, would have featured Agent J embarking on a holiday to another planet after his latest adventure—only to realise he’s been sent into the tiny planet contained inside Agent K’s locker.

Unfortunately the filmmakers opted for something less surprising and more in line with the first film’s, reflecting the sequel’s major problem with repetition.


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