10 Sci-Fi Movies That Forced You To Answer Impossible Questions

10. Would You Die Alone Or Condemn Someone Else To Your Fate? - Passengers

Passengers movie
Columbia Pictures

Though critics and audiences were sharply divided on Passengers, it nevertheless presented a devilishly thought-provoking moral dilemma at its core.

The film begins with Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) waking up early from stasis onboard a spaceship, and faced with the prospect of spending the rest of his life alone on the ship, he makes the decision to rouse a fellow passenger, Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence).

Ignoring all the ick surrounding the film's execution of said plot - namely the fact that Jim of course happened to wake up the most smoking hot woman on the ship - it is an intriguing and relatable question for audiences to chew over.

Would you be willing to submit yourself to decades of loneliness and mental anguish, or would your lesser instincts give in, causing you to condemn another passenger to the same fate?

While a simplified view of the scenario would deem it selfish to wake up another passenger, that's much easier said when you're not staring down the prospect of 50-70 years on your lonesome.

We all like to think we wouldn't do what Jim did, but is that really true?


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