10 Sci-Fi Movies Where Evil Won

9. Brightburn

oxymandias watchmen

Last year's subversive superhero flick Brightburn provided a grim answer to the question, "what if Superman was a murderous a**hole?"

The film follows the basic origin story beats expected of the Man of Steel, as infant child Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) crashes to Earth and is adopted by a kindly couple (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman).

But it becomes increasingly clear throughout the movie that Brandon is being groomed for evil by a mysterious force calling out to him from his spaceship, leading to him turning full villain in the third act.

Yet rather than have Brandon be slain by his own distraught parents in a tragic finale, Brightburn goes in the total opposite direction: Brandon burns a hole through his father's head and drops his mother to her death from a great height.

Worse still, he causes a plane crash which kills everyone onboard in the film's final scene, and the end credits then reveal that he embarks on a worldwide rampage, while the existence of other similarly super-powered folk is noted.

With the implication that an Evil Justice League is about to tear the world asunder, it's safe to say that humanity is basically screwed. Given that Brightburn sequel isn't looking likely, that's the end of the story.


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