10 Sci-Fi Movies You Didn't Know Were Based On Real Life Events

9. Banshee Chapter

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In Banshee Chapter, a journalist searches for her friend after learning he went missing after being involved in an experiment called Project MK-Ultra. This was a real CIA-funded operation where unwilling subjects were forced to consume hallucinogenic drugs in the hopes the agency could replicate Manchurian Candidate-esque sleeper agents.

However, Banshee Chapter was inspired by another conspiracy that most viewers don't pick up on. In the prologue, there's footage of President Bill Clinton issuing a public apology for the terrible experiments conducted by the US government. Although one would assume he's talking about MK-Ultra, this clip references a completely different operation called The Tuskegee Experiments.

In 1932, the US Public Health Service performed studies on syphilitic African-Americans under the pretence they were receiving free health care. Even though the subjects were told the 'study' would only last six months, it went on for four decades. Worst still, the subjects could've been treated with penicillin but weren't offered it, leading to hundreds of deaths.

The Tuskegee Experiments aren't directly referenced in Banshee Chapter but the government's duplicity and callousness during this period were factored into the story.

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