10 Sci-Fi Villains Who Got What They Deserved

It was inevitable that all these villains would end up getting what was coming to them.

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When it comes to the science fiction genre there are many things that fans will have high expectations for, such as aliens, futuristic technology, decent special effects and interesting concepts or themes.

The same can be said for the genre's villains, who could end up becoming the main selling point of the entire film if they are written well and have a competent actor.

Whether they are the evil masterminds trying to take over the world, the low level scumbags who just want to get rich, or anything in between, some villains can end up doing some truly horrible things in order to achieve their goals and in some cases may even get away with no repercussions whatsoever.

But, in other cases, audiences can be left with some especially satisfying moments, as the villains they have despised for so long are finally defeated by the main protagonist or are undone by their own foolish actions or overconfidence.

10. Dick Jones - RoboCop

Dredd Ma-Ma
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As a senior executive of Omni Consumer Products, Dick Jones planned to use his position to take advantage of the reconstruction of the city of Detroit and have his heavily armoured ED-209 robots replace the local police force.

But when RoboCop threatened to derail his plans he had the brutal crime boss Clarence Boddicker kill the creator of the RoboCop project, Bob Morton, and added the Directive 4 limitation to RoboCop’s programming, preventing him from taking any action against an OCP executive.

Jones even gloated about his involvement in Morton's death to a defenceless RoboCop before leaving him to be killed by an ED-209 robot. But Jones was eventually undone by his own ego in the film's final act.

RoboCop confronts Jones at the top of OCP tower during a board meeting and plays a recording of him confessing to his involvement in Morton’s murder. Jones panics and tries to take the CEO hostage but is promptly fired from OCP, nullifying Directive 4 and allowing RoboCop to shoot him.

Jones is then sent crashing through a window and falls to his death, delivering a satisfying end to such an immoral and power hungry villain.


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