10 Scrapped Movie Scenes Better Than What We Got

The Predator almost ended with Dutch's return.

The Predator Arnold Schwarzenegger
Fox & Paramount

No matter how confident a filmmaker's vision might be, making any movie is a collaborative and iterative process, where things don't always go according to plan and, sometimes, entire scenes need to be thrown out, often at the last minute.

But sometimes these decisions ultimately aren't what's best for the final movie, motivated either by a greedy studio putting pressure on a director to deliver something different, or frustrating logistical issues which prevent the original planned scene from coming together.

Whatever the reason, these 10 movies all switched out fascinating planned scenes for massively inferior ones, be they underwhelming endings, less-impactful fight scenes, or even subtle plot adjustments that had huge implications for the rest of the film.

These scenes were either never shot or released to the public, serving simply as tantalising teases for what could've been if circumstances were different.

Would they have saved bad movies? Absolutely not, but in every case, whether a good movie or not, these endings sure would've elevated the experience...


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