10 Secret Acting Methods You Never Knew

Lazy, or just plain genius?

Avengers Endgame Robert Downey Jr
Marvel Studios

Tom Hanks once famously said of acting "there are no shortcuts," and whether you agree with that or not, there are certainly a wide variety of techniques which actors can employ to make their jobs easier, or better still, find truth in the characters they play.

Acting is such a fluid discipline with a wide variety of styles that it'd be unfair to call any particular method "right" or "wrong," even when the secret techniques come totally out of left-field.

These 10 actors have all taken unorthodox measures to make their performances as convincing as possible, regardless of whether it's an Oscar-worthy dramatic role or a more physical performance in an action-packed blockbuster.

Whether a psychological technique to get themselves in their character's mindset or a more practical solution the audience would never even think about, these actors all found some highly unconventional solutions to the challenges they faced while performing their roles.

For better or worse, you'll surely never see these actors quite the same way again...


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