10 Secrets Of MCU Phase 5 You Need To Know

Comic-Con revealed a ton about the future of the MCU... and hinted at a monumental Phase 5.

Spider-Man Daredevil
Marvel Studios

With Marvel Studios' finally making a long-awaited return to Hall H this year, super-fans the world over were all excitedly bracing themselves for what mouth-watering revelations Kevin Feige would bring to the famous stage as Phase 4 wanders off into the horizon towards the end of this year.

And the puppet-master of the biggest blockbuster franchise in the game did not disappoint.

Along with setting up what looks to be one of the most emotional Phase conclusions yet in this year's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, not one but two subsequent and somewhat stacked Phases were laid out before our very eyes.

Now, of course, as most will very much be aware of, said Phases, projects, and dates are always subject to change, with The Inhumans famously going on to become a lacklustre TV project despite being billed as a tentpole Phase 3 flick within the same room.

But fans can only fantasise and theorise with what is placed before them. And at this moment in time, the seemingly fully fleshed out Phase 5 looks poised to be one of the most daring, compelling, and landscape-shifting collections of Marvel productions yet.

So, here are just a few of the glorious details about this incoming next MCU chapter that fans have been able to extract from the embarrassment of riches unleashed on the Comic-Con faithful.

10. The Eternals Will Become Cameo Players

Spider-Man Daredevil

For all of the projects that undoubtedly delivered the goods over the course of the latest chunk of MCU narrative that would later become known as the first chapter of the Multiversal Saga, not every adventure was a bona fide hit by any means.

In particular, ChloƩ Zhao's Eternals epic, whilst admirably ambitious, didn't quite land with the masses in the way Feige and his crew would've likely hoped, with the star-studded family ensemble feature coming in with the worst MCU Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer rating to date (47%).

So, it came as little surprise that next to no real mention of the ancient gang was made throughout Feige's Phase 5 and 6 announcements. And talk of a potential sequel has all but been extinguished post-critical hammering despite the likes of Gemma Chan declaring that she will reprise her role in the coming years.

Yet, with it already been suggested that Kit Harington's Dane Whitman will likely make his presence known as Black Knight in the upcoming Blade project set to go down within Phase 5, the smart money is on the many other Eternals players rocking up in a similar side-role capacity from here on out.


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