10 Seemingly Great Films That Unravelled On A Second Viewing

If you've only ever seen these "great" movies once, make sure to keep it that way.

"OMG! THAT WAS THE BEST MOVIE EVER! CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW GOOD THAT WAS?" Simmer down, passionate movie fan. Though you're well-entitled to your opinion, it might be a good idea to wait until you check out that movie you loved so much for a second time before you start telling everyone you've ever met - and those you're yet to meet - that it's the best and most accomplished slice of cinema to have ever graced this good Earth. Because sometimes we can find ourselves so blindsided by a motion picture experience that we totally lose a sense of its overall quality. That's another way of saying: it's entirely possible to love a movie all out of proportion when you've only seen it once, simply because you haven't been in close enough proximity with it to judge it in a proper manner. Liken it to a relationship. When you first meet that girl or guy of your dreams, they appear perfect to you: you're so enamoured with the idea of everything they stand for that you can't even begin to notice their many flaws... and why would you? After a few months, though, you begin to realise you might have been too quick to brand them "perfect." So to celebrate that love is horrible and depressing (uh, is that was this was supposed to be about?), here are 10 seemingly great movies that unravelled on a second viewing...


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