10 Sequels Teased In Post-Credits Scenes (That Never Actually Happened)

Being left waiting is the worst thing.

20th Century Fox

The post-credits scene can sometimes be the most impactful of the entire film, with it being the last thing audiences see if they choose to wait it out. In the past 10 years, Marvel has made this a standard with their Cinematic Universe as they tease each film to keep people hooked, and standalone movies that might not have fared so well in today's climate at the box office are a bankable success.

That has bled over to films outside of the Marvel banner, but some also forget they didn't come up with this concept themselves, they just happened to perfect it. Many others have tried in the past, with an awful lot failing and the sequel never materialising, as is the case with most on this list.

This is a crime in itself because some die-hard fans will end up waiting for something they're never going to get - just imagine living in a world in where Thanos shows off that giant chin at the end of The Avengers, and then never getting Infinity War.

Then again, in some cases, these films shouldn't have had teases at the end to begin with.


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