10 Seriously Ridiculous Instances Of Movie Product Placement

Pepsi Ah Product Placement. Ever the epitome of the cringe worthy, awkward and damn right annoying, but quite often relevant to getting the film on the screen in these cash cow times. Without product placement we wouldn't have the quality of Skyfall or the SFX of Man of Steel - the money has to always come from somewhere. But please filmmakers, while we know it is a necessity, let us try to make the effort to make it less awkward and obvious shall we? This list contains 5 of the most cringe worthy Product Placements in modern film and the final five are all dedicated to one man, a man I have labelled 'The King of Product Placement'. Not necessarily for the awkwardness of his flogging, but more for the jeopardy he potentially causes for himself and his films through a variety of different reasons.

Honourable Mention

The Truman Show

Truman 1115738c The Truman Show is perfectly weighted in its satirical stance against product placement. Truman is constantly confused by his wife talking about products like she is a living breathing advertisement (which she is) and it is all illustrated at one hilarious moment when Truman screams at her; 'Who are you talking to!?'. Unfortunately, whether it be through dialogue or just a random can of beer left out on the set, it is always the intention that the makers of the film are talking to us. They want us to see character 'X' drinking this or Character 'Z' eating that, because the companies in question have paid top dollar for the privilege and they will be damned if they don't force it down our throat. The line bellowed by Truman about sums up the frustration a film lover can endure during the awkward bouts of Product Placement. You yourself can wince, wonder and just be confused about the following 10 Seriously Ridiculous Instances of Movie Product Placement...

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