10 Sharpest Snipers In Zombie Outbreak Movies

8. The Man Who Shoots Ben - Night of the Living Dead (1968)

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It might be tempting to pick Ben as the sniper for this entry, but the truth is that he is sort of a lousy shot. Completely understandable, he is just a regular guy who was having a normal day when suddenly the zombie apocalypse broke out. After the first corpses start taking strolls, Ben unwillingly becomes the leader of an unusual group of survivors, and he does slowly improve his skills with the rifle as the movie progresses. Not soon enough, I'm afraid.

George A. Romero's indie masterpiece heavily relies on the emotional interactions between the main characters. Within the larger frame of the zombie storyline, lies a complicated net of human relationships and social remarks that is weaved with delightful irony by the legendary director.

A night of horrors comes to an end. The combined forces of the military, the police and local volunteers finally reach the farmhouse where Ben is the last man standing, after all those grunts and guts. Ben hears voices and anticipates salvation, he leaves the safety of his hiding spot. An experienced marksman sets his sight on a shadowy figure walking by the window. BOOM! Ben gets a bullet in the forehead. The end.


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