10 Sharpest Snipers In Zombie Outbreak Movies

9. The Reanimated Soldier - Sniper Corpse (2019)

Train To Busan
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Right from the get-go, you should know that the sniper from this film is also the zombie. Twist! And you say there aren't any surprises anymore...! Now, back to our topic.

The movie begins when a major drug deal is taking place in a sketchy Latvian warehouse. Two henchmen guard the door and smoke cigarettes when they see a dark figure in the distance. It approaches with slow and heavy steps. They welcome the stranger with a barrage of bullets, but he doesn't go down. It's unbelievable, it's unnatural. It's the Sniper Corpse.

Upon release, this film received mixed reviews by critics and fans alike. It now has a growing cult-following that can't resist the harrowing story of a deceased soldier who is brought back to life to be maliciously used as an undead army-of-one. His perfect aim is the cherry on top. The thing is that this supposed nasty zombie is more aware of his origins than what it first seems.

Despite having an abundance of cheesy dialogue and questionable CGI, Sniper Corpse presents an intriguing commentary on the blind subordination that young soldiers are submitted to while serving in the armed forces. I pledge allegiance...


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