10 Shocking Movie Character Deaths That Came Out Of Nowhere

10. Jody Domergue - The Hateful Eight

The Weinstein Company

Poor Channing Tatum.

By 2015 the Step Up star had the world in his hands. Fresh off the success of the blockbuster cop comedy series 21 Jump Street, the actor had begun experimenting with artier fare to great acclaim. Whether it was the semi-autobiographical Magic Mike series created alongside indie legend Steven Soderbergh or the darker sports drama Foxcatcher, Tatum was wowing audiences and critics at every turn. And now he was appearing in a Tarantino film!

No doubt the megawatt star would play a pivotal role, or at least get himself a lot more screen time than his character actors co-stars like Tim Roth and Walter Goggins.

Fans of the actor must have been confused and frustrated by his absence for the opening half of the interminably long claustrophobic western, but patience paid off as we discovered Tatum and his co-conspirators has been beneath the floorboards, orchestrating proceedings out of sight this entire time. What a twist!

Almost as surprising as Tatum’s character getting his skull blown to pieces twenty seconds after finally appearing onscreen. It’ll be a miracle if Tatum’s fandom ever sits down to another Tarantino flick.

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