10 Signs Star Wars 7 Will Redeem The Franchise

A good Star Wars film... Now that's a thing I haven't seen in a long time.

While the Star Wars prequels have their defenders, there€™s no denying that many old school Star Wars fans found the second trilogy vastly disappointing. Since its release 1999, The Phantom Menace has become a punching bag for disillusioned fans to vent their frustrations on. George Lucas€™ CGI-heavy run of Star Wars prequels transformed a trilogy that told an epic story into a cheesy action franchise and turned-off many fans in the process. Given how the prequels failed to live up to the quality of the original films, some fans are wary of getting their hopes up that the Star Wars franchise will produce another quality film. Despite some fans€™ trepidation, interest is running high for Episode 7; every other day, the Internet is bombarded with news and rumors related to Episode 7€™s production. Against all odds, the news so far has been surprisingly promising. For anyone with lingering doubts that Episode 7 will be a worthy entry in the Star Wars canon, we have assembled a list of 10 signs that point to it being the film to finally redeem Star Wars. Here are 10 reasons Star Wars fans should let go of their hate and get hyped for Episode 7.

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