10 Simple Fixes That Would Have Saved The Star Wars Sequels

They came so close, but landed so, so, far away...


In 2015 Star Wars exploded once again onto the scene with The Force Awakens, a film that promised to take audiences back in time to the Star Wars of old, before the dark times, before the Prequels.

Episode VII showcased a Star Wars which was at once familiar and new, mixing classic elements ("it's another Death Star!") with exciting concepts that would make the franchise feel fresh again ("Master of the Knights of Ren").

Or, at least, that's what should have happened. Fans quickly realised that The Force Awakens relied too much on nostalgia to push the story forward, rehashing A New Hope rather than coming up with ideas of its own. Rian Johnson, who directed Episode VIII, was essentially handed a clean slate, and without a solid foundation to work on created a movie whose only original ideas were retconned when JJ took back the helms for the franchise's final film.

The once promising and exciting trilogy quickly became a disappointing mess, which at best provided some light moments of entertainment and nostalgia and at worst showcased the dark side of Disney, a multi-million dollar corporation who cared more about profit than creating compelling stories.

Still it wasn't all bad, and the cacophony of directors, writers, producers and story board teams came so close at times right before missing the mark. Here are just some of the things Disney and Lucasfilm could have done to save the Star Wars Sequels.

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