10 Slasher Horror Movie Characters Who Were Seconds Away From Dying

These slasher movie characters were THIS CLOSE to an eternal dirt nap.

American Psycho

If there's one thing that people expect from a slasher movie, it's death, and a whole lot of it.

The appeal lies in watching a group of hapless meat sacks get hacked to pieces by a vicious murderer until, eventually, one of them has enough gumption to take the killer down - at least for the time being.

But slasher films are also about suspense and surprise, and it'd simply be a bit boring if every character with an obvious target on their back actually ended up dead.

And so, it's always fun to see a character just barely slip through death's clutches and make it to the end of the story in one piece - or in the very least, alive.

Though these characters all had some seriously hairy run-ins with their attackers, for one reason or another they were able to slip free and live to fight another day.

The circumstances are myriad - the killer's weakness being exploited, getting a handy assist from another character, or just good old-fashioned luck - but however it happened, these 10 slasher movie characters were all seconds away from being brutally killed...

10. Lindsey Wallace - Halloween Kills

American Psycho

When it was announced that Kyle Richards would be reprising her role of Lindsey Wallace in Halloween Kills - a part she originated as a child in John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween - the first question from many fans was, "How is she going to die?"

But while fellow returning character Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) was indeed felled by Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney), Lindsey just barely made it out of the sequel alive.

It certainly wasn't for lack of trying on Myers' part, though, as when Kyle attacks him with a sack of bricks (!) in the movie's climax, he responds by grabbing her throat and shoving her against the nearby car.

Michael looks like he's about two seconds away from crushing Lindsey's windpipe, snapping her neck, or simply crushing her head to a sheer pulp, but she quite smartly decides to quickly rip his mask off.

Michael's a bit particular about wearing his mask, as you might know, and so immediately throws Lindsey to the ground while he puts it back on, giving her precious seconds to flee into the nearby woods and successfully hide from Michael.


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