10 Slasher Horror Movie Openings That Get Worse The More You Think About It

9. Pranks Gone Wrong - Terror Train

Black Christmas 2006 Constance Lenz
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From director Roger Spottiswoode, Terror Train finds a group of college kids stalked by a masked killer during a New Year's Eve party on a train.

Of course, three years prior, this same bunch of asshats had played a prank on a classmate which went spectacularly wrong. While the reveal itself is well handled, it doesn't take a genius to correctly guess that said classmate is the murderous maniac behind the numerous train-set slayings of the movie.

In terms of that opening moments prank, nerdy Kenny (Derek MacKinnon) is tricked into thinking he's about to get lucky with Jamie Lee Curtis' Alana during a fraternity house NYE party. As Kenny strips down to his Y-fronts and hops in bed with what he believes to be this beauty, it's instead revealed that the body the young fella's cradling is actually the rotting corpse of a women who's had her arms removed.

The shock of this moment results in Kenny being locked up in a mental hospital, but the scene itself offers up all kinds of worrying questions. Who decided to pull off a prank using a dead body? Who knew where to find a 'spare' corpse? Who handled the body and set it up in the bed? And did nobody involved in all of this get traumatised by the wounds and wear on this body?

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