10 Slickest Movie Rides Of All Time

Mad Max Movie heroes can't get anywhere without a great set of wheels to send them on their way, and to celebrate the Mad Max trilogy coming to Blu-ray on August 12th, we've decided to run-down the 10 slickest movie rides of all time. These are the 10 cars that allowed the characters that drove them to take down the bad guy, maybe get the girl, and just generally kick ass; it's not like these guys would've got far hailing down a cab or waiting for the bus... Whether it's the purr of the engine, the slick body, or the sheer quirkiness of the vehicle, these 10 cars are indelible, iconic aspects of cinematic vehicular lore, and let's face it, they're all cars that we would love to own. Here are 10 incredibly slick movie rides we wish we owned in real life...

10. 1966 Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider Duetto - The Graduate

The Graduate There's one great way to sell a car, and that's with sex. Mike Nichols' The Graduate made an art out of this by making us believe that we could hook up with any sexy cougar of our choice if we just so much as placed one foot inside the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto. With its smooth body and distinctive red finish, it's nothing if not an eye-catching vehicle, and one that quite ironically is memorable for making protagonist Benjamin's (Dustin Hoffman) mission a lot harder when it runs out of gas, and he has to panickedly run to Elaine's church to stop her wedding. Still, when it's in motion, it's a beautiful thing to behold, and the whole ideology and lifestyle that the car represents in this film surely appeals to many young men out there just returning home from University. Take a spin in it and feel like you can conquer the world.

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