10 Small Details You Missed In Tenet

8. References To Other Films

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Being an avid cinephile, it is only natural that Christopher Nolan would include various references to iconic entries in the medium, including his own entries. The director's fascination with the concept of time was taken to its logical extreme with his latest thriller, but it is his not first foray in exploring this specific concept in science fiction.

Films such as Inception, Dunkirk and Interstellar play with the concept of time and like their latest cinematic kin, feature traits such as non-linear narratives, fantastical concepts (dream exploration and inversion) and a future society crippled by adverse climate change. Granted, Tenet takes these ideas to the next level but they are an interesting showcase of Nolan's storytelling sensibilities.

The thriller also features references to non-Nolan films as well such as Casablanca (Neil's "This is the end to a beautiful friendship" is a reference to the 1942 classic's most famous line).

Also the imagery in its setpieces is reminiscent to visuals found in films such as To Live and Die in LA (the two films feature similar camera movements in their car chases), A Clockwork Orange (when the Protagonist is manhandled by Sator's men in a manner similar to the way Alex DeLarge was during his arrest) and Lost Highway (both films feature buildings exploding in reverse).

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