10 Smartest Decisions In Recent Horror Movies

9. Using The Orange Totsiyya - Prey

Barbarian Tess Mother
20th Century Studios

After several bland-to-bad offerings in the franchise, 2022's Prey was a great return to form for an IP which first impressed audiences back in 1987 with the Arnold Schwarzenegger-fronted Predator. Far from the 'big beefy boys with big beefy guns' approach of that original movie, though, Prey is an incredibly stripped back affair that drops the titular Yautja species into 1700s' Great Northern Plains.

With Comanche warrior Naru (Amber Midthunder) at the core of this tale, she is one of several who have run-ins with the film's sole alien hunter. Unlike the vasty majority of the other characters in Prey, mind, Naru not only survives this encounter, but she actually manages to kill and behead the beast.

To do that, Midthunder's character realises that the Yautja relies on body heat to detect movement and kill its targets. This is where the 'orange totsiyya' - an orange flower - comes in handy, as ingesting this plant or rubbing it on your body naturally lowers a person's temperature.

Upon utilising this herb, Naru effectively levels the playing field for Prey's final battle, and if anything, her knowledge of her surroundings gives her an advantage over her opponent. As such, this badass is able to get the better of the intergalactic brute and eventually, fatally turn its own weapon against the creature.

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