10 Smartest Villain Plans From Sci-Fi Movies

It took the brain the size of a planet to come up with these genius schemes.

Superman Lex Luthor Gene Hackman
Warner Bros.

Whether it's running a business, raising a child, or just popping to the shops to buy some milk, plans are helpful in all walks of life.

They introduce a set of guidelines for you to follow, break large tasks down into manageable steps, and prepare you for possible issues like what to do when there's no semi-skimmed left.

Full fat again, dammit.

A really good plan can turn your fortunes around on a dime. It can deliver you everything you ever wanted and more, including the entire universe if you aim high enough.

Not only did these ten villains from across sci-fi have the ambition to make these plots, but they also had the skills to pull them off. Well, with varying degrees of success.

Some of these plans were complicated but well-executed, whilst some were so simple they were actually works of genius. They all swung the tide massively in their creators' favour and put the galaxy's greatest heroes in a serious predicament.

It pays to think ahead, especially if you're a world of hi-tech weapons and lethal aliens.

If only the heroes had been half as smart.

10. A Super Realistic Simulation - The Machines (The Matrix)

Superman Lex Luthor Gene Hackman
Warner Bros.

The idea of living in a simulation is present throughout sci-fi history, but nothing does it quite as well or as famously as The Matrix.

And the sequels, yes, but who really wants to talk about those?

Through the eyes of Thomas "Neo" Anderson, we learn that the world we believe to be real is actually a load of baloney.

After a war between humanity and machines in the early 21st, the super-intelligent robots started placing people in stasis and draining their life force to use as energy. To keep them occupied, they projected an image of life in the year 1999 into their brains and convinced them that it was reality.

Imagine being stuck in 1999 forever. Britney Spears on loop until the end of time.

It's a really smart plan on the machine's part; why would humanity fight back if they don't even know they're being enslaved?

Of course, this all falls apart when you factor in the whole resistance movement thing, but hey, nobody bats a thousand.

The real world being a simulation is a horrifying thought, but something like that could never happen in real life... or could it?


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