10 Smartest Villain Plans In Movies

7. Frankenstein Switches Bodies - Revenge Of Frankenstein

Watchmen Ozymandias

Throughout the Hammer series of Frankenstein, the authorities are constantly pursuing the titular scientist to put a stop to his barbaric and ungodly experiments. Because his ability to reanimate the dead is disregarded as pseudoscience, each film in the franchise revolves around Victor Frankenstein trying to recreate his most famous experiment to prove his naysayers wrong.

After living for over three years under the unsubtle pseudonym, Dr. Stein, Frankenstein is exposed and viciously attacked by the locals. When the police come to arrest him, they learn the deranged doctor has died from his injuries. After inspecting his body, they confirm that Victor Frankenstein is finally dead.

Or so it seems. Before he perished, Frankenstein had his assistant transfer his brain into a new body, which was then reanimated with the same technology that brought his original Monster to life.

Now that the authorities have closed the case on Frankenstein, the mad scientist is free from all persecution, allowing him to live freely in his new form. He's also satisfied that he evaded the authorities by performing the exact same experiment that all of society condemned him for.

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