10 Spoilers We Already Know About Marvel's Phase 3

Things are going to get very dark.

Given the number of Marvel announcements recently, we now have a fairly broad picture of what is going to happen in the future of the MCU. We already know that Captain America and Iron Man will be butting heads relatively soon, and that Thanos is destined to wreak havoc on earth. But aside from these fairly obvious points, what should we expect from Marvel€™s Phase Three? The hints are already there...

By 2018 Marvel will have released 21 films and 7 TV shows, and they've been laying the groundwork for Phase Three for a while now. Remember Iron Man and Captain America€™s brief argument in Avengers Assemble? A Civil War fore-shadow no doubt. Even something as simple as Thanos' enigmatic grin at the end of The Avengers set tongues wagging about the Infinity Gauntlet almost immediately.

Obviously new properties like The Inhumans - a brave move akin to the Guardians Of The Galaxy green light - Black Panther and Captain Marvel have limited hints so far, but even ignoring speculation centred on those properties, there is enough in the MCU's existing films to get a pretty clear vision of what is going to happen during the upcoming slate of movies...

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