10 Star Wars Facts You Probably Already Knew Deep Down

You always knew there was something off about The Phantom Menace's closing scene...

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker Chewbacca

Search your feelings. Deep down you have always known that the following Star Wars facts were true... and that that big cyborg with breathing difficulties was the farmboy's daddy all along!

Admittedly, with so much new Star Wars content dropping seemingly by the week and behind-the-scenes information being revealed during just about every interview involving a director, writer, or actor involved in this galaxy far, far away, it's only natural for a few pieces of detail and data to gradually wander to the very back of one's mind.

Worry not, though, because this list is here to highlight a number of the often forgotten or overlooked Star Wars facts and truths that, in the words of the galaxy's favourite princess, "somehow (you've) always known..."

What exactly were the Empire's iconic troopers originally designed to look like?

Which actor has popped up in way more Star Wars outings than the average person likely knew?

And who was really responsible for one of The Last Jedi's most memorable one-liners?

You likely already know, somewhere in that head of yours. So, let's rediscover those Star Wars truths... together as father and son!

Maybe not the last bit.

10. Mark Hamill Was Photoshopped Into The 2005 Star Wars Reunion Photo

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker Chewbacca

The idea of the iconic Mark Hamill and the rest of the OG trilogy heroes and villains lining up alongside the Prequel's batch of Force-sensitive stars and formidable faces in the same room was once enough to leave the average Star Wars fan with their jaws smacking off the floor.

But there was actually a moment back in 2005 when it seemed as though Vanity Fair had managed to pull off the admirable feat of getting absolutely every one of the famous Jedi, Sith, Rebels, droids, and alien beings inside of a room together for an epic photo reunion of sorts.

Only, as eventually revealed by Luke Skywalker himself, it turns out that General Grievous, Yoda, and Jar Jar Binks weren't the only stars thrown into the shot in post-production.

With Hamill performing in 8 shows-a-week on Broadway at the time of the shoot, photographer Annie Leibovitz instead shot him alone on that same set before eventually just photoshopping him into the mix later on.

You knew it was always going to be a tall order trying to land on an exact date where this many massive Star Wars names were all free to pose. And sure enough, some 15+ years later, the hero of the Original Trilogy finally confirmed that his theatre responsibilities forced some digital tinkering... George Lucas would be proud.


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