10 Star Wars Mistakes Confirmed By The Creators

Even the director agrees that Leia shouldn't have ignored Chewbacca.

the force awakens rey hugs leia

There are few, if any, franchises and fanbases quite like those of Star Wars. Built over 40-plus years, Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate out there, and are very protective over the movies and TV shows they love. Yet, at the same time are often ridiculously critical and overly harsh if they don't like something.

There is a certain expectation among Star Wars fans, even though most would admit that there are now more bad movies than good. If there are any decisions they don't agree with, or mistakes made, they will be exposed.

In all honesty, Star Wars is a franchise simply littered with canonical contradictions, questionable production and story decisions, and downright basic plot holes. Any of these will always be found and highlighted by fans, but on occasion, there have even been those mistakes that have been admitted to by those that actually made them.

Making any movie will invariably lead to mistakes, as nothing is ever perfect, but in a franchise like Star Wars where there are literally billions of dollars at play, such errors can ruin careers. These creators either have to be very brave, or simply unable to deny what everyone has seen already.

10. No Test Screening - Star Wars: The Last Jedi

the force awakens rey hugs leia

Rian Johnson, even outside of Star Wars, has typically never seemed to be put off by outside opinions on his work. He has stated previously that he doesn't agree with giving fans what they want, and that he doesn't particularly pay much mind to what has happened previously in any movie franchise he is a part of.

He became infamous within the Star Wars fandom when The Last Jedi released, with Episode VIII being by far the most divisive movie yet. Its 42% percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is by far the lowest any theatrical Star Wars release earned.

The only regret from the process that Johnson does have is that there was no test screening allowed. Generally, the director wouldn't indulge in such things, and with the potential for spoilers leaking greater than ever, LucasFilm holds a very similar policy. However, on this occasion, Rian Johnson would have loved to get some feedback on his controversial movie.

It's unclear what, if any, changes he would have made had this been the case, though the feedback would have almost certainly strongly suggested certain amendments. And in what circumstance would you wish for the opinions of fans before release and not want to act on it? The Last Jedi could have been very different, indeed.

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