10 Star Wars Mysteries Explained Outside Of The Films

From what happened to the Skywalker saber, to how Vader discovered Luke was his son...

Star Wars Mysteries

It's fair to say that even the most hardcore Star Wars fans can't keep track of everything, because even if you read your fair share of canon comics and novelisations, there's always more lore-expanding material out there than anyone can ever ingest and remember.

Given the breadth and depth of the franchise, it's little surprise that the movies have left a number of burning questions hanging, questions which have only since been answered by the wider canon.

These 10 mysteries continue to puzzle more casual-minded Star Wars fans who mostly stick to the movies, yet between the many, many Star Wars comics and other books being released every year, every single one of them has actually been answered.

While not every nagging Star Wars question has received a satisfactory answer over the years - especially with so many authors working on official, canon Star Wars fiction - you should rest easy that these mysteries were largely solved in sensible fashion.

But if you want to spare yourself leafing through hundreds of pages of Star Wars lore and just get the cliffnotes, look no further...

10. How Did C-3PO Get His Red Arm?

Star Wars Mysteries
Marvel Comics

The Mystery:

When C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) re-appears in The Force Awakens, he's sporting a distinctive red arm, before eventually getting a replacement at the end of the movie.

However, the replacement arm is never explained in any of the three sequel trilogy films. So, how did Threepio end up with it?

The Answer:

The 2016 one-shot comic "Star Wars: C-3PO" explains that a Resistance mission involving C-3PO and a number of other droids goes spectacularly wrong when they crash-land on the acidic planet Taul.

Threepio ends up having his arm ripped off by a tentacled monster, and the only other surviving droid, a First Order protocol droid named Omri, sacrifices itself by walking out into the acid rain to activate a Resistance distress beacon.

Omri is promptly melted by the acid rain, leaving behind only his arm which has been stripped down to its base red metal colour. As a tribute to his fallen pal, C-3PO picks up the arm and fixes it to himself.

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