10 Star Wars Power Moves We've Only Seen Once

Rare Force abilities, epic manoeuvres, and those other one-off Star Wars moments of POWER!

Ezra Bridger Thrawn Star Wars Rebels

Everyone likely has their favourite moment of jaw-dropping combat from within the galaxy far, far away.

Whether you just love the sight of a Jedi Knight flipping and swishing their way through a gripping duel, or marvel at the unleashing of a space station's superweapon, these regularly seen power moves are as much a part of the Star Wars universe as Cantina tunes or dodgy hairstyles.

However, not every display of epic power is as common as a Force push or quick zap of UNLIMITED POWER from a melted Emperor. In fact, some of the most staggering feats of strength, speed, and energy ever to grace these alien worlds actually only went down on the one occasion on the big or small screen.

Now sure, some of the following abilities have made their presence known in comic books or other material outside of the Star Wars TV and movie sphere. But in terms of the animated and live-action drama seen going down on screens across the galaxy, each of these unquestionably cool moves and abilities all memorably popped up once... before never being seen again.

10. Force Projection - Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Ezra Bridger Thrawn Star Wars Rebels

Alongside showing off Leia Organa's ability to survive being blown out of a cruiser in space, The Last Jedi also debuted a first on-screen look at the brilliant Force power known as Force projection late on.

With Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and his First Order targeting what was left of the Resistance on Crait, Luke Skywalker suddenly arrives to save the day. However, as the one-time master and apprentice engage in a duel on the sandy terrain, the one-time Ben Solo soon realises he's not clashing with a present Skywalker at all.

Instead, Luke used extreme focus and concentration to project himself halfway across the galaxy through the Force in his bid to buy Leia and her pals some time to escape the planet.

But using this awesome power came at a cost.

In the wake of spending several minutes putting his all into distracting Ren as a younger looking version of himself, Skywalker actually ended up dying and becoming one with the Force. And no one has ever been shown trying to replicate the son of the Chosen One's immense projection feat ever since.

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