10 Star Wars Subplots That Went Literally Nowhere

The Force definitely wasn't with these dropped storylines...


With nine major movies, two standalone films and countless other comics, TV shows, specials and references, it's clear that George Lucas has created one of the most expansive and beloved universes in the world of entertainment.

From Tatooine to Endor, there's something in every Star Wars film for anyone to get behind and enjoy. From dashing heroes, memorable villains, stunning and exotic alien worlds and some seriously cool futuristic technologies, Star Wars has introduced us to some of the most compelling and interesting storylines and character arcs in history.

However, there's also plenty that this huge universe doesn't quite do justice with. From character's backstories being underdeveloped, shoehorned in or just completely tossed aside from movie to movie, there is an abundance of subplots present in the Star Wars universe that fans want to love, but have sadly just been totally left out in the cold.

This list will mainly focus on the main nine films in the series and look at some of the coolest or most interesting subplots that were introduced to audiences, only for them to be glossed over forgotten about in the releases before or after.

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