10 Stars Who ONLY Trusted Themselves To Perform Big Movie Scenes

If you want a job done right...

Inglourious Basterds Diane Kruger
A Band Apart

Filmmaking is an undeniably collaborative process that requires countless disciplines - and often, battling egos - to co-exist for the sake of the art being produced.

But sometimes an artist, either an actor or a director, might take matters into their own hands and insist that only they can pull off a scene.

Whether it's an actor did their own stunts fuelled by their own thrill-seeking desires, or a filmmaker better equipped to nail the subtleties of a scene than their lead actor, these scenes all turned out as memorable, exciting and even funny as they did because someone grabbed the reins, pushed everybody else away and swung for the fences.

In each case, the suggestion certainly paid off, adding an unexpected authenticity and visceral appeal to the scene that would've otherwise been absent.

You might not necessarily be able to spot what's going on, but your brain can appreciate that what you're watching feels uncommonly real rather than a typically fake movie set-up...


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