10 Strangest Film Endings That We Can't Believe Exist

Once in a while there are those film endings that happen and, five days later you're still wondering... what the hell happened?

An ending makes or breaks a film. Period. If the ending sucks, you walk out of the theater feeling sluggish and upset that your $14.50 (welcome to Los Angeles) went to waste. But if that ending is chock full of awesomeness, a solid twist, epic action, etc., we can leave the theater feeling high on the talkies. A weak ending can hurt a solid film and vice versa a kick ass ending can sometimes redeem a crap fest. But once in a while there are those endings that happen and, five days later you're still wondering...what the hell happened?

We tip our hat to the 10 Strangest Endings in Film History.

*Considering we're talking film endings, it's safe to assume there's some solid spoilers in here. If you haven't seen any of these flicks and don't want to know how they end, avert your eyes child.*

10. The Happening

Oh yes, this IS Happening. And it's the first. Why does it make the list? Because the movie was such an awful slap in the face to its audience that when the "twist" came, not only did everyone groan, but I think I also heard weeping and the gnashing of teeth in the halls and the mouths of babes whispered, "This is the end of the world" as I exited the theater. It was plants. Yeah. Those plants. That nice solid basil bush you're growing? Secret death trap. But honestly, it wasn't so much that it was the plants twist that got me, it was the horrendously over the top ways people were dying purely for failed shock value. And for the payoff to be plants? Yeah... Why on God's green earth would plants evolve in such a way as to release some sort of spore into the air that causes people to commit suicide in "shocking" and "sick" ways. Some dude lies down in front of a lawn mower, lots of folks throw themselves off buildings, John Leguizamo walked in front of a car, I'm just saying, if I'm a plant and I want, to paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson, these mother fuckin' people off this mother fuckin' planet, I'm not going to evolve into producing suicide spores. It's just going to be straight up murder dust. If people just dropped dead period, that would've been cool. But for us to believe that plants have a way of making us kill ourselves in terrible ways all because we're ruining our own planet? That isn't just a failed film, it's a failed environmental statement and actually makes me pissed off at plants. I think I went home that day and blew cigarette smoke in the general direction of my bougainvillea just to let it know how angry I was that they allowed M. Night to be their spokesman.
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