10 Strangest Movie Weapons Ever

The only case where the pen may be mightier than the sword.

Shaun Of The Dead

We're at a point in time now where there are so many action movies, and fight scenes in general, that some films have to mix up the arsenal to remain fresh, because people these days don't want someone to just be shot with a gun or hit with a bat or stabbed with a knife. God no: people want to see variation. Chuck in a ruler or two, or a mug, perhaps a walnut?

Within the context of certain movies, the protagonist does have to think on his feet, which tends to be a reason that makes them so engaging. Often times the nearest object isn't always going to be an M9 Beretta or a chainsaw, but their opponent should still remain fearful; being garroted to death with a sock is a far more humiliating way to go than being bludgeoned with a hammer.

Yet it happens. Here are ten such times unusual items were put to deadly use in moves.


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