10 Strongest Horror Movie Villains

There's little hope against these iconic horror movie antagonists.


The grand irony of the horror genre is that, unlike almost every other type of movie, the villain is usually more of a protagonist than the poor saps they're stalking.

For any horror film that spawns a sequel or two, this typically means that the villain has graduated to a certain level of iconic notoriety, and effectively become a "brand" in and of themselves.

These murderous characters are typically what bring fans back for sequel after sequel, in awe of their mighty power sets and unique manner of dismantling the human body.

But slasher movies are a dime a dozen, and so only a small number of horror villains can truly stake a claim to ranking among the strongest and most powerful the genre has to offer.

This power might be rooted in pure physicality, be entirely supernatural, or in fact be a beguiling mixture of the two, but only the most pervasively terrifying and dominant horror movie villains need apply.

As a result you won't be surprised to learn that strictly human villains - like Scream's ultra-clumsy Ghostface or Saw's scheming Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) - don't really have much of a place on this list...


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